We are pleased to introduce our sister non-profit organization that provides Healing Touch and Reiki for cancer survivors and their families.

Hands 4 Health is the possibility for cancer survivors, their family members and caretakers to receive bio-energetic (Healing Touch and Reiki) healing work without limitations of time, distance or cost.

Hands4Health.org is a no-cost registration site for bio-energetic practitioners. It connects the practitioner with potential clients, cancer survivors, family members and caretakers who are in need of Reiki and Healing Touch for the purposes of distance healing up to 24 hours a day, for 7 days.

Hands 4 Health allows cancer survivors and those in their support system to request healing energy, and connect with bio-energetic practitioners at no cost. Furthermore, it unites a healing community of volunteers, educators and recipients with the possibility of long-term, continuous healing energy.