Theresa Guthals can relax, thanks to Intuitive Healing. “Dee Dee Wirebaugh is a gifted massage therapist,” she says. “I have recommended her to many of my friends and family. It’s never the same experience twice. She can usually pinpoint problems you are having before you even say anything and is able to give a more targeted massage because of it. She is a great person with an amazing talent”Theresa Guthal

“Amazing! Dee Dee is not only the best massage therapist, I have ever had contact with, her knowledge of body is amazing. She taught me more about my muscles/bones, etc., than any doctor has!” ~ Chris Q,  Colorado Springs

 “Every session was superb.” ~ Thomas L Colorado Springs

benefits“I visit this provider every other week for maintenance on my health, mind, body and spirit.  It is always a truly amazing phenomenal experience!!!!!Dee Dee is amazing at what she does.  She truly has a special gift for making sure that the therapeutic body work she does is what you really need.  There are many options when choosing to have someone work on your personal healing of mind, body, spirit and health and making the choice for Dee Dee is always the right choice for me.  I was very ill at the end of last year into the beginning of this year and she knew before the doctors knew and offered some insight on what she perceived was going on.  Not only did she offer me some relief from the every day pain I was experiencing; but she offered some piece of mind in knowing that while the doctors worked on me physically she would be able to work on me mentally.  She is so in tune with what is going on in my body and in my life that she knows exactly how to rejuvenate my soul from the inside out. She has become such a wonderful addition to my life as my massage therapist and friend that I consider her to be family.  I would refer Dee Dee to anyone!!!!  Even if you have a massage therapist I would strongly encourage you to experience what Dee Dee has to offer.  Her intuitiveness to therapeutic body work is like that of no one else in this profession.
” ~ A. Smith, Colorado Springs